Virtual board and remote work meetings are expected to be around for the long haul, since the pandemic is forcing companies to adapt to new working methods. Digital meetings allow attendees to attend the meeting without worrying about quarantine times or travel restrictions. They also reduce costs for flights and hotels.

Online meetings are simple to set up, and they’ve become frequent among mission-driven organizations that want to maintain their communication despite the COVID-19 Crisis. It is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls of digital meetings in order to avoid them and ensure that your online board meetings are as effective as they can be.

The most important consideration is the software platform you select for your hybrid or virtual board meetings. Choose a platform that has an Attendance Room feature that protects your meeting from non-authorized participants and only allows people who are invited by Data Security the host or co-host. Provide training for your board members to help them become familiar with the technology, and also learn how to use it properly.

Encourage your board members to make use of a headset, or speakerphone during the meeting. Also, encourage them to clear your office to ensure that it looks camera-ready and free from personal photographs and other distractions. Also, remind them to sit in a chair and not sitting on the bed or their couch and this will help look more professional and professional during the meeting. Finally, encourage them to speak up at the start of the meeting, so that everyone can be able to hear them and begin the meeting on a positive note.